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  Dramatic Works  

Holding Back the Storm (documentary for radio). With co-creator Jane Ulman. (ABC Radio), 2015
River, River (adapted from Bobis’ short story Fish-Hair Woman)
Bobis’ solo stage performance: USA, Spain 2009 & 2014; Canada, Australia, Philippines 2012 & 2013; Singapore 2013
Radio version: Jane Ulman, Producer. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC Radio), 2006

Corazon de Lorca (ficto-documentary for radio). Jane Ulman, Producer. ABC Radio, 2008, 2011

The Covenant (poetry sound piece). In collaboration with Jane Ulman, Producer. ABC Radio, 2002-2004. Entry to the 2002 International US Third Coast Festival.

The Query (in collaboration with Urban Theatre Projects). Performance Space, Sydney, 1999

Ms. Serena Serenata . Sydney Asian Theatre Festival, 1997
Serenáda pre Serenu (Slovakian radio production). Vanda Feriancova, producer. Slovakia, 2001

Rita’s Lullaby (radio play). Christopher Williams, Producer. ABC Radio, 1997

Cantata of the Warrior Woman Daragang Magayon
Kantada ng Babaing Mandirigma Daragang Magayon

Performances of various versions:
Daragang Magayon Cantata (Collaborative stage performance: opera with dance and chanting with Latukefu, opera singer; Munro, pianist; Bobis, dancer and chanter. Music: Bruce Crossman; text: Merlinda Bobis). Western Sydney Aurora Festival, 2006  
Cantata: Sound-Screen Montage (Bobis’ performance in audio-visual medium, in collaboration with Virginia Hilyard, Jane and Phillip Ulman of ABC Radio), Manila, 1998  
Cantata of the Warrior Woman Daragang Magayon (Bobis’ solo performance). Jane Ulman, Producer. ABC Radio, 2008  
Some of Bobis’ solo stage performances (full play or excerpts):  
  • Darwin Arts Festival (with Virginia Hilyard’s screen montage), 1996
  • Concert of Philippine Women Artists' Collective, World Forum on Women, China, 1995
  • Sydney Asian Theatre Festival, 1994
  • 6th International Feminist Book Fair, 1994
  • Philippine-France Festival, Paris, 1994
  • Cultural Centre of the Philippines, Manila, 1994



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